Total prizes of NOK 100.000,-

30th of Sept – 7th Oct 2018

Alna, Oslo


About the event

Oslo Chess Festival 2018 will have a price money budget of approx. 100 000 NOK and will consist of a 10 round Open International Tournament, a team blitz tournament as well as a rapid Challenge Tournament. We also aim to take a lead when it comes to number of live chess tables, video feed, commentaries and reports. In addition to that, it will be two Masterclasses by some high ranked GMs also with live feed. A social program in the evenings will make sure this will be an event worth being part of for any chess lover able to attend.

To top it of, the Festival will close with a formal dinner included in the starting fee, entertainment and prize giving. We look forward to welcome you to play in what aims to be the biggest open tournament in Oslo of all times.

Oslo Chess Festival is created by Chess fans. For Chess fans



The prizes provided beste bookies is planned to be as listed below;

    • 1st prize: 25 000 NOK
    • 2nd prize: 15 000 NOK
    • 3rd prize: 10 000 NOK
    • 4th prize: 7 500 NOK
    • 5th prize: 5 000 NOK

    • Best player under 2250: 5000 NOK
    • Best player under 2000: 5000 NOK
    • Best player under 1750: 2500 NOK
    • Best player under 1500: 2500 NOK

    • Best female player above 2000: 5000 NOK
    • Best female player under 2000: 5000 NOK
    • Best female player under 1500: 2500 NOK

  • Most beautiful game: 1000 NOK each round

Starting fee is 1600 NOK (including formal dinner at closing sermony). GMs plays for free. IMs pay half prize. Startavgiften er 1600 NOK og kan dekkes av vår sponsor Plinko gambling hvis du har deltatt i tidligere turneringer.

The prize budget is depending on 140 players but will increase going above this target. More info will follow.

No one can win more than 1 Money Prize

Players without FIDE Elo will be placed in rating group according to estimated playing strength.

By Chess fans. For Chess fans

The Schedule 2018

Preliminary program Oslo Chess Festival 2018

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  • Sunday 30th of Sept | 16:00 | Registration
  • Sunday 30th of Sept | 17:30 | Round 1
  • Monday 1st of Oct | 16:30 | Round 2
  • Tuesday 2nd of Oct | 10:00 | Round 3
  • Tuesday 2nd of Oct | 16:30 | Round 4
  • Wednesday 3rd of Oct | 16:30 | Round 5
  • Thursday 4th of Oct | 10:00 | Round 6
  • Thursday 4th of Oct | 16:30 | Round 7
  • Friday 5th of Oct | 16:30 | Round 8
  • Saturday 6th of Oct | 10:00 | Round 9
  • Saturday 6th of Oct | 16:30 | Blitz Tournament
  • Sunday 7th of Oct | 10:00 | Round 10
  • Sunday 7th of Oct | 16:30 | Festival dinner with entertainment & prizegiving

Event Admins and Hosts

Some of the people making this years event possible


Pål Nordquelle

Event admin and organizer

View Bio

Erle Marki Hansen

Event reporter

View Bio

Jon Ludvig Hammer

Event reporter

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Øyvind Malin

Head of Livefeed and broadcast

View Bio

Henrik Sjøl

Chief Arbiter

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Questions and answers about the event

  • Is the Festival dinner really included in the starting fee?

    Yes it is! What ever is left of the income from sponsors and starting fee, will be allocated to make a prize giving dinner for all participants. Included in the Festival dinner will be some entertainment and of cause the prize giving ceremony for all the winners.

    Other that has not participated in the tournament, can buy a meal coupon from the organizer for this event. The prize to do so is not ready for publishing but will be affordable. Please indicate your attention to do so when you register at the event.

  • When do I have to register?

    Latest possible registration is one hour before 1st round. In case you have problem meeting this deadline, contact the organizer at

  • How much is the starting fee?

    The starting fee is 1600 NOK (approx. Euro 180) for all players and include Festival dinner etc. Late registration (after 31st of August) will increase the starting fee to 1750 NOK.

  • When do I have to pay starting fee?

    The payment info will be sent out in medio August and is due end of the month, 31st of August. Late payment will come with a late payment cost of 150 NOK. All necessary information will be submitted in due time.

  • What is the starting fee used for?

    The largest share of the starting fee is allocated to prizes. And due to the wide variety of prizes everyone has a real opportunity to win. Beside prizes we are allocating a huge percentage to offer all participants a festival dinner. Rest is used to pay for leasing of liveboard, arbiters, FIDE rating costs and the cost of inviting some good GMs and pay for the publishing of the whole event. No money will be pocketed :-) All will be used for fun!

  • Is it possible to have a walk over round?

    Yes you can have walkover any round except last, as long as this is communicated to the Chief Arbiter in due time of pairing. You will get 1/2 point for any walkover round you may take.

  • Who is organizers of Oslo Chess Festival?

    We are a group of chess fans with no official attachement to any chessclub or chess association in regards to the organizing of this event. OCF is created merely to enrich the international chess community with a tournament in the hometown of World Champion Magnus Carlsen and the capital of Norway. And to make it interesting for all the up and coming new stars of chess, the main tournament will be open for all registered chess players.

    However, the people behind OCF is experienced players, chess arbiters and technical experts within chess online technology. Together we will make this event special!

  • Will it be other tournaments included in Oslo Chess Festival?

    It certainly will. We have planned a rapid tournament and a team blitz tournament as well during the Festival, just like last year. Furthermore we hope to have a youth tournament included as well. It would be great to offer the kids to play a tournament in the same surroundings as all the GMs etc. is playing.

    More info and how to enroll in this side tournaments will be published at a later stage.

  • What else can I do at Fornebu except playing chess?

    The hotel has a lot of nearby activity options. Please check with a Google search or on Google Maps to see several optins, sports and more.

  • What is the timecontrol?

    The timecontrol will be 90 min / 40 moves, then 30 min in addition for the rest of the game + 30 sec increment per move from the first move in the game.

  • Will Oslo Chess Festival be repeated next year?

    We are a group of entusiast and truly believe this event will continue as we already have hosted several years in a row. So please do help us to make this a success by promoting the event to chess friends across the world. Looking forward to seeing you :-)

  • What is the timelimit per game and tiebreak rules?

    1,5 hour + 30 seconds additional from first move.

    Tiebreak rules;

    1) Score + expected score from free rounds

    2) Busholz, no removals

    3) Median Bucholz 1

    4) Sonnenborn - Berger


Recommended hotel packages for your stay during the event


Single room

kr 825 / night

Price per night for a single room with our discount code.

To book, send an email to and use the the reference "Oslo Chess Festival 2018" to claim your discount.


Double room

kr 995 / night

Price per night for a double room with our discount code.

To book, send an email to and use the the reference "Oslo Chess Festival 2018" to claim your discount.


Triple room

kr 1095 / night

Price per night for a triple room with our discount code.

To book, send an email to and use the the reference "Oslo Chess Festival 2018" to claim your discount.

The Venue Location


Oslo Chess Festival 2018 - Radisson Blu Alna

+47 92223443

Event Crew

Meet Pål Nordquelle

Photo by Rolf Haug. Pål is the driving force behind this event. He has a passion for chess, and wants to see Norway growing as a chess nation. Especially now in the in the wake of our World Champion. Mr. Nordquelle has a background in headhunting, and wishes anyone with a passion for chess welcome for a talk about opportunities.

Event Crew

Meet Øyvind Malin

Øyvind is a dedicated tech nerd which loves new technologies, any technical challenges and chess! He has previously set up live feed with boards and camera, so this years OCF event will be a walk in the park for Øyvind!

Event Crew

Meet Henrik Sjøl

The keywords that sum-up Henrik is according to him selves as following;
- Chief Tournament Director Norwegian Chess Federation
- International Arbiter (IA) in FIDE
- Match Arbiter in Tromsø olympiad 2014
- Played chess since 1972
- Master of Science in computer science from University of Oslo

Those of us who has the pleasure of knowing him, knows him as a very likeable, hardworking and knowledgeable Chess Arbiter, with a passion for Chess. Summarized; the perfect man to be the OCF Chief Arbiter.

Event Crew

Meet Erle Marki Hansen

Erle is known as a chess commentator from TV, having commented on Carlsens Word Championship match. She is also a chess instructor, and in 2011 she was Norways best female chess player under 26 years.

Erle will be commenting the games along with Jon Ludvig Hammer

Event Crew

Meet Jon Ludvig Hammer

Photo by Rolf Haug. Jon Ludvig is well known from his own shows "Hammertime", as well as a chess expert and commentator from TV. It is well known that Hammer studied together with Carlsen, and was Carlsens second, helping him to win the first World Championship in Chennai. Hammer is a strong Grand Master, with a peak rating of 2705, ranking #40 in the world in 2016.

Jon Ludvig will be commenting the games at Oslo Chess Festival along with Erle Marki Hansen.

Event Crew

Meet Aleksander Johansen

Aleksander is a club player with a passion for technology and design. He finds solutions where others see problems. With years of experience in making things from scratch for clients and agencies, we ask Aleksander for help whenever there is something unordinary to be solved.

He is supportive and provides confidence to the team for hosting an international tournament.